Magical Centerpiece

December 21, 2008


A delightful fairy sitting on one of our fancy blown glass bowls, we added water and floated glass “bubbles” for a magical table setting, perfect for a party, holiday, or Tea Party celebration, even a fairy tale wedding!

We are kicking up our heels at Ferns and Flowers

We are kicking up our heels at Ferns and Flowers

Fun display this year at Ferns and Flowers, we try to make everyone feel the excitment, and want to find a special gift or ornament to bring the fun home or to some one they love.  Come visit our family when in Warwick.

Winter White Holiday

October 29, 2008

We Three Strings, Joy to the World

Ferns and Flowers Holiday Decorating Services
We create unique holiday decorations that reflect your establishment.
Our creations add excitement to your season, your patrons will have reason to celebrate!

Call us for a Free proposal, we will include the creation, installation.
Removal and storage is also available.

We might rejuvenate some of your old holiday decor and give it new life!
Professional design will set your business apart this year, Call Michael at 821-1105 today.

Visit our Blog for photos of Christmas Past, at

Snow white Christmas display, clean modern, country style design

Snow white Christmas display, clean modern, country style design

The Music is from We Three Strings  What Child Is This – Linstead  On the NorthStar label, New for 2008 and available here in our Florist and Gift Shop, enjoy while you look at our work.  This is the first time attempt at this post, and music.  My son Trevor is the, well my, Web Master.  Hope he approves!

Tropical Centerpiece

August 4, 2008

here we have three centerpieces meant for a wedding rehearsal dinner.  We used a multitude of exotic flowers such as birds of paradise, gerbera, ginger, lilies, cocks comb, various tropical foliage, and anthurium in a clear glass container to create a very unique set of centerpieces.

All three centerpieces

Glass cube vases were also used

Glass cube vases were also used

Close up

Close up

Top view

Top view

Hello all, My name is Trevor and I would like to welcome to the new Ferns and Flowers blog

I have created this blog in order to show our various works in progress, completed arrangements, and events. Ferns and Flowers was started in 1979 by mother and son team, Aline and Michael Gerard (I being Michaels son). In 2000 we moved to our present location, and Michaels wife Monica opened up the Teahouse and Bistro attached to the flower shop. After creating thousands arrangements for weddings and funerals, proms and graduations, and the commemoration and celibration of many other major events in peoples lives, we have accumulated a vast ammount of floral experience and are ready and willing to take on any request our clients have.

Everyone is welcome to come by and visit us here at Ferns and Flowers, Teahouse and Bistro

we are located on 1094 Centerville rd, Warwick, Rhode Island

Our hours are Monday thru Friday: 9am-5:30pm and Saturday: 9am-4pm.

Ps. We are very receptive to all forms of constructive comments and suggestions!