A neighbors door, with New England charm.

A neighbors door, with New England charm.

Christmas in our neighborhood is special, each house has it’s own look, most built in the 40’s and 50’s, charming for walking and knowing each other.

I was asked to make something simple for the front door for this house, with plaid ribbon berries and greenery.  I added the gold ribbon to reflect the door knocker, and also because the house faces north, the shadow darkens the colors, and contrast is important when working with a black door.

They wanted traditional, no glittery looks, but we have to have something eye catching, she was very pleased.

This is Gandma's house this year, all ready for the snow!

This is Grandma's house decorated and waiting for snow!

This is grandma’s chalet in the traditional tones, with berries and greens if only we had snow, but who can complain about the 50’s for weather.

That picture was last week, this morning a dusting of powder sugar snow!

I’ll take a new photo.

Traditional Christmas Mantle

December 3, 2008


The soft cream colors here are accented with a touch of gold, and red for a classic look. This display in our shop is over filled, but at your home edit, then re edit.  At my home I often leave some decorations in storage, and take them out the next year,  they look new to me after that time.