A neighbors door, with New England charm.

A neighbors door, with New England charm.

Christmas in our neighborhood is special, each house has it’s own look, most built in the 40’s and 50’s, charming for walking and knowing each other.

I was asked to make something simple for the front door for this house, with plaid ribbon berries and greenery.  I added the gold ribbon to reflect the door knocker, and also because the house faces north, the shadow darkens the colors, and contrast is important when working with a black door.

They wanted traditional, no glittery looks, but we have to have something eye catching, she was very pleased.

We re-create, Christmas past, into Cristmas Present.

We re-create, Christmas past, into Christmas Present.

After a few years, the excitement of a decoration is just not there.  Storage and dust, damage and the “additions of stuff”  gives it a yard sale cast off look.   Sometimes the room that it belongs in has received up date, with new color, furniture, and a style.

Bring me your tired, week, and ugly.   With our professional make over, even ugly “A Wretha” can become a new star of the Christmas Holiday season!   Michael

The rich colors of the season

November 15, 2008

This colloection can be installed in Rhode Island, or the ornaments boxed for your own festive decorating.

This collection can be installed in Rhode Island, or the ornaments boxed for your own festive decorating.

This tree has a rich tone of warm colors, this reflects the warm friends and family that gather around it in it glow.

I have in the past done the Rhode Island State house mantles for Christmas.  It was an honor to do, and the scale is very large.  Everything must have the same “weights” and sizes, so as look normal.

That mantle in the state reception room is 16 feet long!  Before 9/11 I could park at the door and carry it up the 150 steps to the 10 foot lift into place.  After 9/11 I had to park in the street and fight the wind, to get it in the building, the delivery was a killer, however beauty has a cost as a lady would say…

The “smaller honey mantel is in the Governor’s personal office, warm green tones and rich basil green are a perfect combination for the holiday colors.  Of course when designing any creation it is done from the perspective of who will be viewing it.  So as the Governor would be sitting across the mantle at his desk, I must confess that I sat in his chair for the perspective…  to make sure it was perfect!

That would be the closest I will ever get to the seat of government! Thanks but it is a hot seat, you can’t please everyone.  I much prefer what I do.