Magical Centerpiece

December 21, 2008


A delightful fairy sitting on one of our fancy blown glass bowls, we added water and floated glass “bubbles” for a magical table setting, perfect for a party, holiday, or Tea Party celebration, even a fairy tale wedding!


Our front door christmas-2008-083

This is the front door of our shop this Christmas, drivers go by at 40 miles an hour, sometimes 50.  A simple clean look is what is called for. With the sneaky addition of lights to the door swag we add the sparkle.  See on the hing side of the door I send the plug to the garland set of lights, with enough slack to swing the door in with out it unplugging.  It works well, we have hundreds of guest coming in every day during the holidays.

A neighbors door, with New England charm.

A neighbors door, with New England charm.

Christmas in our neighborhood is special, each house has it’s own look, most built in the 40’s and 50’s, charming for walking and knowing each other.

I was asked to make something simple for the front door for this house, with plaid ribbon berries and greenery.  I added the gold ribbon to reflect the door knocker, and also because the house faces north, the shadow darkens the colors, and contrast is important when working with a black door.

They wanted traditional, no glittery looks, but we have to have something eye catching, she was very pleased.

This is Gandma's house this year, all ready for the snow!

This is Grandma's house decorated and waiting for snow!

This is grandma’s chalet in the traditional tones, with berries and greens if only we had snow, but who can complain about the 50’s for weather.

That picture was last week, this morning a dusting of powder sugar snow!

I’ll take a new photo.

Rooms of Christmas Ideas

December 5, 2008

Wonderful Christmas decorating ideas in the dinning rooms at Ferns and Flowers, Tea house and Bistro.  Serving breakfast, lunch afternoon tea, and high tea.  Teas are by reservation, but breakfast and lunch walk-ins are available.   call 821-1447

The Tea house is filled with design ideas, visit for breakfast or Lunch or our Mistletoe Dinners and you will enjoy and gather knowledge.

The Tea house is filled with design ideas, visit for breakfast or Lunch or our Mistletoe Dinners and you will enjoy and gather knowledge.

Ferns and Flowers is a family business, we are nearly 30 years old.

My wife Monica runs the Bistro and teas, and I, Michael run the Florist and Gift shop with my mother.  The three children are involved between school.

We have decorated the many dinning rooms in different looks, to give as many feelings and ideas for the Christmas season to our clients.  Come for a visit, it is a joy to see you.   Michael, Monica, Children, Grandma, and Staff.

We re-create, Christmas past, into Cristmas Present.

We re-create, Christmas past, into Christmas Present.

After a few years, the excitement of a decoration is just not there.  Storage and dust, damage and the “additions of stuff”  gives it a yard sale cast off look.   Sometimes the room that it belongs in has received up date, with new color, furniture, and a style.

Bring me your tired, week, and ugly.   With our professional make over, even ugly “A Wretha” can become a new star of the Christmas Holiday season!   Michael

Winter White Holiday

October 29, 2008

We Three Strings, Joy to the World

Ferns and Flowers Holiday Decorating Services
We create unique holiday decorations that reflect your establishment.
Our creations add excitement to your season, your patrons will have reason to celebrate!

Call us for a Free proposal, we will include the creation, installation.
Removal and storage is also available.

We might rejuvenate some of your old holiday decor and give it new life!
Professional design will set your business apart this year, Call Michael at 821-1105 today.

Visit our Blog for photos of Christmas Past, at

Snow white Christmas display, clean modern, country style design

Snow white Christmas display, clean modern, country style design

The Music is from We Three Strings  What Child Is This – Linstead  On the NorthStar label, New for 2008 and available here in our Florist and Gift Shop, enjoy while you look at our work.  This is the first time attempt at this post, and music.  My son Trevor is the, well my, Web Master.  Hope he approves!